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Culinary delights at sunrise:


The fragrance of coffee wafts through the open winter garden, the oven-fresh pastry smiles at you and the first rays of sun skip over succulent strips of melon.

Isn’t it nice that you can look forward to this breakfast buffet?
In the Konradshof team we attach great importance to fine food and appreciate the fresh cuisine featuring delicacies. That is why there is always a large selection of savoury items from the region available for breakfast. And naturally all classic dishes which are simply part of a diverse breakfast buffet in the morning.

Depending on the season or appetite for baked goods, we repeatedly vary our menu and serve special treats for breakfast. Sometimes we serve fresh scrambled or fried eggs, sometimes a fluffy omelette, fine pancakes (or Palatschinken, as the Austrians would say!) and fragrant muffins.

Sometimes the breakfast items can also be a bit on the hearty side. Then we would present fried sausages and freshly simmered Weißwurst sausages – naturally served with crisp pretzels and a glass of wheat beer!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!